European escort guide

Our free guide to escorts across Europe will help find the right escort for you. All escort ads contain pictures and contact information for your chosen Escort date. 

Escorts offer a variety of services, some offer companionship and a pretty face to talk to, and some offer uncomplicated sex (and the best ones, offer both). 

Before you hire a escort you should make it clear to her what you expect.

When meeting an escort for the first time, both of you will feel more comfortable if the venue is public. After you get the introductions out of the way, you should discuss your plans for the date, so that you both are clear on what’s expected. If you have any doubts about your escort date, this is the time to cancel the date.

If everything seems OK at this point, then it’s time to enjoy your date. Most of these women will be very open minded, but each escort will have her own boundaries and limits, so it’s better to ask what they are beforehand.

Studio, 32
Rassekatze, 35
!!, 23
Lea, 22